About me

Call me Ben. When people ask me what I do, I usually say I’m a “theatre-maker”. That means I write, direct, produce and perform in theatre. The projects and shows I work on are mostly produced by my own company, on the button, which I set up and now run with Sophie Winter. You can find out about what we do on our website.

I also work as a director, performer, and movement director for other people too.

I’m going to carry on doing my theatre-making, but I also want to define “what I do” in a way that encompasses more of what I actually do (I’m betting that in expanding the way I think or talk about “what I do”, I will end up doing more).

This blog started with a project to become a ‘documentarian’. That is, my practice or work or art (it gets called different things depending on context and the person I’m speaking to) would be documenting, chronicling, re-telling, remembering, sharing (and hopefully amusing, provoking and probing too). Now early 2017, it seems I left out ‘making stuff’. I guess I am trying to be a ‘creative documentarian’.

A lot of what I will do can’t be monetized, or has no financial value (this is contentious, and I will spend a some time trying to unpick and explain this). Another way of saying this is that there is no sense in trying to talk about what I do in terms of monetary exchange (or even in terms of straightforward exchange).

To survive, I will need people to give me things.

When people give me things, I will owe them one. There’s a page which explains this in more detail.


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